Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t I see product prices and availability in the catalog?

You need to create and confirm an account first. After you create an account a confirmation mail will be send to your mail address. You need to confirm and create a password. After that you can log in to your account. Prices and availability will then be visible and you can create your own project lists or directly order online.

Can I pay for products online?L

We do not offer this service yet. You can pay at pick up. In case of delivery you can pay by swiping your card at our mobile device.

How long does it take before my is ready?

Your orders are handled by our staff during the hours that we are allowed to be open. We will contact you before we start picking the order to allow you to make changes when necessary.

We aim to have your pick up order ready within one hour after that call and we always send an email when your order is ready for pick up in our Drive Thru.

Why can I make only one account with my Massy Card number?

The Massy Card number is a unique identifier. We will only allow one account per fun-miles number.

Can’t sign in to your account?

Please check if you are using the right username. Your username is the e-mail address you signed on with. In case you have forgotten your password, please click the link to reset your password.
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Can I return products that I ordered on line?

Yes, you can return or products at the returns desk in our store. Our 30 days’ return policy applies. You will need to bring your invoice. Without an invoice returns cannot be accepted.

What is the difference between the project list and the shopping cart? LL

In the product list you can create your own quotations. You can create multiple project lists.

The shopping cart is your online shopping basket. By placing items in the shopping cart you can place an order at Kooyman. You can pay at the Drive Thru cashier.

Can I see the complete Kooyman products range on the Kooyman website?

Most of the product range is visible, be aware some new products still need to be added to the catalog.

Can my account have multiple users?

In our Online Catalog every individual can create an account. We are not offering account for multiple users in this Online Catalog.

Are prices including VAT?

Yes, all prices are the same as in our stores and are inclusive of VAT.

What should I do when I do not receive the e-mail to confirm my account?

We are sorry that this happened. We advise you to check the spam-folder in your e-mail box, it might have gone there. When not, please send an e-mail to

How do I contact Kooyman in case I have questions?

You can contact us via the “contact us” form at the bottom of each page in the catalog. Make sure you type in your email address correctly.
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